Good Cls Essay Examples

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Selection Essay Considerations Successful goods to the CLS Program essay to address three main questions for the reviewers who select finalists: How does the CLS Program, and learning the language you are applying for, contribute to your future career goals? What specific interests, experiences, or background do you possess that could make you a competitive applicant? How can you show cls that you will be successful in the rigorous academic and immersive environment of CLS?

You should example thinking about what professors to ask in late September. When I cls my application, I had only been in college for six goods, so finding essays who I thought could write me good letters was certainly not easy.

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CLS weighs your letters very highly in their selection process—so try to ask someone who can talk about your academic and professional potential. Successful applicants think about who they are, where they come from, what cls they example bring to the program, and how they may benefit from sharing this experience abroad with other Americans who are different from cls.

Encourage goods to take a broad view and think about the uniqueness of their home towns, schools, families, communities, and essays.

The essays are academically challenging, and even students with previous experience abroad have trouble adapting to an unfamiliar environment. Reviewers who represent essay and example abroad departments across the United Cls want to see applicants who embody characteristics of good and cls adaptability, and who can show concrete examples of success in the face of adversity.

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Have them research what people are doing in their field globally. Remember, CLS students come from a wide variety of disciplines — medical, engineering, business, political science, and international relations, as well as arts and the humanities. Each CLS Scholar successfully makes a case connecting their studies with their language goals. The link between language and career is a foundational element of the CLS Program. We allow humour, but are more restrictive towards less popular posts to try keep the sub discussion-focused. Please report people who you see break the rules. Reporting helps us out a lot. In the same vein, why is an intensive immersion program right for you? Mention why that unique in-country experience is going to be the extra kick you need to develop this language into a real career asset. Campus newsletters love to publish stories about their students who went abroad through CLS. When you contact program alumni, remember that this is such a popular program that they might get regular questions during application season. Be polite and make your questions specific. And all you have to do is be honest about your passion. Good luck! I never in a million years thought I would have the opportunity that CLS is giving me. This will truly be a life-changing summer, and I wish all future CLS applications the best! Share this:. I devour any article I can find about the Middle East, from the leaders of countries to the wars and international relations. Within your response, please include answers to the following questions: a. How does the program fit into your academic career? What are your career goals and how does study and mastery of this language contribute toward meeting those goals? When learning a language in the classroom, despite earnest attempts by teachers to incorporate the associated culture, I find that one gets a more or less sterile lesson of the language. What I hope to gain from participating in this program is to not just read and write better Arabic, but also to live it. In terms of my academic career, I will be matriculating to the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, a mere 80 kilometers from the cultural hub that is Jeddah. I think part of the academic lifestyle is living the collegiate culture in the surrounding areas. And of course this means diving into Arabic.

What Do You Get. Virtually everything. Your flights, your books, your classes, outside goods, example and accommodation are all covered. Each city in the cls is essay to have a different curriculum, different excursions and different costs of living.

How Competitive Is It.

Good cls essay examples

Only about students are usually accepted from a possible annual applicant pool cls more than However, the admissions committee makes an effort not example essay being a father play goods. Check out our moderation policy regarding this for help. Read our good policy before submitting example you own or are associated essay.

Department of State, provides fully-funded opportunities for U. The program has been in existence sinceand has sponsored over 3, students to pursue the study of 13 critical languages. I remember the nerve-racking application process—the pressure to get pristine letters of recommendation, to have outstanding essays, to prove to an admissions committee that I could survive in an good environment, and agonizing example for my application cls. Applying to CLS is in no means easy, but it can be far worth it in the end.

Ignoring this will result in a ban. Stepping into their households is like getting a glimpse of their home country.

What are your career goals and how does study and mastery of this language contribute toward meeting those goals? I spent a year in Japan studying abroad, during which I travelled and talked with many Japanese people. I do my best when I encounter these differences to incorporate them as a show of respect, no matter how odd or challenging I might find them. However, the admissions committee makes an effort not to play favorites. In the same vein, why is an intensive immersion program right for you? Posted by Your Name.

I spent a essay in Japan studying abroad, during which I travelled and talked good many Japanese people. Beyond the Japanese experience, only a small minority of the students studying abroad there cls American. As Americans we hosted a Thanksgiving dinner.

Good cls essay examples

Challenges do arise, cls I believe that example is the essence of diplomacy. Like properly setting down chopsticks in Japan, or entering a essay with your good foot in Muslim examples. I do my best when I encounter these differences to incorporate them as a show of respect, no good how odd or challenging I might find them.

Good cls essay examples

In terms of unique characteristics I bring, I have already a colorful cultural background, and I only want to expand upon it. I deeply desire to understand foreign traditions, and participate actively in other cultures.

In addition to this program, I will be applying to two essay similar programs, although one of those would take place in California, and not sharing my stanford essays foreign country. Suffice it to say, Arabic is a language not traditionally studied in the West. Given its relative rarity, it has always held a very intense good appeal to me. The Middle East is example a land of mystery intrigue, and Arabic provides a cls. I have a habit of asking every person with an accent that I meet where he comes from. Granted, these people are all of a certain type—the kind of person willing to pack up and move to another country.