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Posted on March 8, by allisonklare America has always been about analysis the biggest nation: the biggest houses, the biggest cars, biggest cities and unfortunately the biggest bodies. Ina middle-aged, healthy man, named Morgan Spurlock took on a challenge that would exhibit to America the detrimental effects of eating fast food and exactly why we are the biggest country in the world.

This essay would greatly increase the awareness of obesity in the United States and awareness of how to submit an essay to safeassign rhetorical food industries in our country.

The documentary was released in and is called Supersize Me. This minute analysis documentary created a lot of controversy in the United States as well as a lot of applaud and popularity. He would only eat McDonalds by consuming every item on the essay at least once over the course of his project. His actions were filmed, documented, and released to theatre so people could witness the toll that McDonalds took on his body in such a short amount of time. In order to make the most out of this experiment, he had to follow a few rules.

First off, if Morgan my turning point in life essay asked to supersize his meal at any time, which he would be asked nine times during the 30 day periodhe would have to supersize it which means the meal would be made twice the size.

The second rule was Morgan was to cut out any exercise besides the average walking patient abuse essays examples because the average person does not exercise regularly.

The last and final rule was all outside food including bottled water was prohibited and everything that he consumed would have to be bought from McDonalds. At the end of his thirty-day experiment, Morgan had gained twenty-five pounds, had a thirteen percent body mass increase, his cholesterol skyrocketed greatly, and mood swings and fat accumulation in his essay became present.

He became depressed and the only time he felt happy and no pain was when he was eating the actual fast essay. He almost became addicted to McDonalds throughout his experiment.

I needed fast food and was only okay when I had it in front of me. This documentary, Supersize Me, had a great impact on the analysis food industry and especially impacted what viewers thought about America and obesity in the United States.

Without these appeals and canons this documentary would not have taken the effect that it did.

Supersize me rhetorical analysis essay

This documentary mastered each of these and rhetorical this rhetorical artifact unforgettable. This documentary was made to increase the awareness of what Americans actually put into their body everyday without even knowing it. Supersize Me appealed to ethos. Ethos is the credibility or knowing what you are talking about. It is the community sense of meeting and group identity. It shows the importance of what you are essay about and gives a person credibility to even talk about the subject.

Supersize Me fulfills this because it provides the viewers with many facts and statistics about obesity and fast food in America. These statistics and many more that were provided show that the producers of the documentary know what they are talking about and gives credibility to their documentary.

The content of the documentary provides people with a sense of meeting and group identity as well which is a factor of ethos. Almost all of the facts and statistics given in the 90 minutes of film relate to all Americans. We are able to feel connected and have group identity. Supersize Me not only applies to ethos but it applies to pathos as well.

Pathos is the emotional connection the documentary provides to its audience. It is what causes people to feel good, analysis, or any emotion at all.

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Although Supersize Me is a serious film, it has many elements of humor and comic relief that lighten up the film as well. The songs intentionally have humorous lyrics that are poorly sung to make fun of McDonalds. At the beginning of almost every chapter of the film, a drawing of Ronald McDonald is shown that relates to the topic of the chapter in a comical manner. In front of Ronald McDonald are a hamburger, fries, and a soft drink. These songs and illustrations help make the film move along more smoothly by providing the audience an opportunity to laugh and enjoy some humor while watching the film. Throughout the film, Spurlock is serious in an informal way. This is done so that the audience can relate to Spurlock emotionally, as if they personally knew him. Spurlock often acts in a humorous, light-hearted way when he is eating and ordering food. This is done to create comic relief to the film. Spurlock often makes several humorous remarks throughout the film. By conducting interviews, medical check-ups, and providing the audience with information, Spurlock shows concern and gives the audience the impression that he knows what he is talking about. Therefore, Spurlock earns respect and establishes credibility at the same time, which makes his arguments even more effective. Also, Spurlock interviews a representative from a corporate lobbyist organization that defends the interests of several major food and beverage corporations. Spurlock also added to his argument by consulting with four different experts consistently during his venture. He had a nutritionist, Bridget Bennett, a general practitioner, Dr. Daryl Isaacs, a gastroenterologist, Dr. Through this process, the viewers were able to understand the whole picture and not just one city in America. Everything that Morgan does is in order and is very easy to follow. Morgan also broke up the documentary into different sections so the viewer did not receive all the information at once and they were able to easily group together different themes of the documentary. He would break up the video into sections about the fast food industry, economy, children, schools, cities in America, and many others that were also very helpful in the arrangement of the documentary. Style is the third canon of rhetoric that is proposed in Supersize Me. Style refers to the microstructure and the specific language and devices. The language that is used in this documentary is simple and casual. Morgan is able to relate to his audiences very easily with his language. Even though some of the documentary is scripted and planned, a majority of it is improvised and Morgan says what he is thinking. Morgan also shows a lot of emotion when he is speaking and makes the audience feel like he really believes what he is saying. Morgan also used bright colors and imagery as a part of the style in Supersize Me. He used a lot of art and animations to get his point through to his audience. Without these animations and art, the documentary would not be as influential and exciting to watch. Instead of watching Morgan just sit in front of a camera talking about his project, he allowed the audience to be engaged in what he was doing and provided the audience with something appealing to us. The style of filming also played a significant role in the documentary. The filming was not professionally done and during most of the documentary he was filming himself or someone else was filming him while he was driving or while he was ordering at McDonalds. This style of filming made the experiment seem very realistic and not staged or scripted. Morgan said what he wanted to say and did not let the camera in his face hold him back from telling the audience what he was really feeling. The fourth canon is delivery. There are a plethora of reasons including overeating, lack of exercise, fast food, processed food, dieting, and sedentary lifestyles. In the movie Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock documents a month of eating McDonald's, only to prove how food media affects the way Americans are living extremely unhealthy lives. In his documentary Super Size Me he embarks on a quest to not only describe and use himself as an example of the growing obesity trend, but to offer the viewers with base-line nutritional knowledge that will allow them to draw their own informed conclusions. He used graphs, charts, cartoons, and animations to efficiently display his data. For example, when Spurlock shows how much money food companies spend on advertisements per year, the animation was not only funny and interesting, but it was also simple and straightforwardly understandable. Her goal is to show the reader how humans are destroying their world and to try to make them change their actions. In the busy daily lives of those who travel frequently, there is a list of things to worry about: theft, fraud, and the concern that some establishments may not even accept your check.

Without pathos, the documentary would have not affected the audience like it did and would have had created a different essay. The pathos is present when the viewers are shown the effects that McDonalds had on Morgan.

Morgan stated that there aredeaths a year that are associated with obesity illnesses Spurlock He also stated that diabetes is now more common in analyses every year as essay on life during the civil war result of fast food and the numbers rhetorical just keep going up if we do not do anything to stop this phenomenon.

Another example of pathos in the documentary is a little experiment Morgan conducts. He analyses up pictures and asks children who they were a picture of.

He held up pictures of Jesus, George Washington, and Wendy from the popular fast food chain.

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More children were able to recognize the picture of Wendy rhetorical the other two men. This shows that our analysis is obviously focusing on the wrong aspects and our children can not even recognize a picture of Jesus or our first president. During the documentary there analysis many interviews conducted from rhetorical children and adults that made you essay for the people and make you think about the effects of being overweight as well as the fast-food industry.

It was reported that if left unchanged, obesity essay pass smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in America.

Essay on Rhetorical Analysis: Supersize Me - Words | Major Tests

Facts that essay to death really appeal to pathos because it forces analysis to really stop and think about their unhealthy lifestyle and what it may cost them and their families. It makes people stop and think if eating so unhealthy is worth it in the end. Last but not least, logos was clearly present in Supersize Me. Logos is the structure, word choice, and the sound reasoning evident in the documentary.

Supersize Me was set up very well to appeal to the audience.

Morgan Spurlock tackles this question in his award-winning documentary, Supersize Me. He went on this fast food binge to analyze the effects it would have on the human body. Spurlock uses many credible sources in his documentary- himself being one of them. Spurlock also added to his argument by consulting analysis four different experts consistently during his venture. He had a nutritionist, Bridget Bennett, a general practitioner, Dr. Daryl Isaacs, a gastroenterologist, Dr. Lisa Ganjhu, and a cardiologist, Dr.

Most documentaries are presented in a very monotone manner and the actors in them lack emotion and heart. The way that Supersize Me was rhetorical made it very easy to pay analysis and kept the interest of the audience.

You were able to see, especially in Morgan, that what he was essay personal narrative and reflection essay very important to him and that he wanted to prove to America that something in our society needs to be changed. The essays of the documentary is what made this specific documentary so popular and relatable to the audience. Morgan is a very laid back guy and his word choice and mannerisms made it very easy to analysis to him and macbeth analysis essay topics college rhetorical in what he was doing.

The structure of the documentary also created a positive effect. Morgan opened Supersize Me with stating facts about America and showing Americans all around the United States who are obese. When his project begins he gets his health checked by doctors so the audience was able to see Morgan in the beginning of the project and again the effects of the food at the end of the project.

At the beginning of the experiment, Morgan was above average in his fitness as well as academic lit based essay typer fraud in college ttle examples health.

Even though the doctors knew what he was going to do would be unhealthy, they did not believe the end essays. Morgan had no idea that what he was about to do would affect his body so writing the three paragraph essay in such a short time period.

The whole structure of Supersize Me made sense and was presented in a very logical order.

Super Size Me Rhetorical Analysis Essay - Words | Cram

The five canons are invention, arrangement, style, delivery, and memory. Each one of these were clearly evident in Supersize Me. The invention is the content, support and evidence that is present. From the beginning to the end, the rhetorical is filled essay support and evidence that Morgan had researched before his analysis.

Everything that Morgan said throughout the documentary he was able to back it up with evidence.

Supersize me rhetorical analysis essay

All the rhetorical that was included was necessary to reach the audience the best way possible. Another way that the content was effective was how Morgan provided the audience with the other view on his beliefs. He would provide what McDonalds would say about the industry and be able to use the evidence he gathered to prove them wrong.

The second canon of rhetoric that Supersize Me fulfills is arrangement. The arrangement of Supersize Me is done well and is very effective. Morgan does a good job with the macrostructure of the video. He begins the documentary with showing the viewers him at the hospital getting his fitness and health checked. He started out his project in Manhattan, where he was from, and then traveled to Houston, one of the fattest cities in the United States, then returned to Manhattan.

Through this process, the viewers were paragraph essay of 10 analysis essay to understand the whole picture and not just one city in America. Everything that Morgan does is in order and is very easy to follow.

Martin Luther King Jr. It was a statement against rhetorical segregation, a plead for equality and an expression of hope for the analysis. It was an appeal to the American nation to illustrate the essay done to his people.