Alice Walker The Color Purple Character Analysis Essay

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The literature I have concentrated on is in large part taken from journals, that hold a broad range of essays on The Color Purple in general and on the character Celie in particular. As no single comprehensive analysis on The Color Purple exists, I will not focus on one academic only, but instead take different perspectives into account. Situated during the s in the pastoral, conservative depth of Georgia, it is also set in a time and place of segregation, hostility and prejudices. After having been rejected by almost everyone during her adolescence and separated from her beloved sister, she has turned to God instead by writing him letters: That epistolary character of the novel serves not only as an external feature of form and style, but also helps to understand her process, as it will be shown later. American Library Association: In The Color Purple a few characters can be seen finding themselves indirectly through the steps of the pyramid Maslow created. One character that exemplifies this process is Nettie. With the help of her older sister Celie, Nettie was able to begin the journey of finding herself. Preparation Tips: Prewriting 1. Select a character from the literary work you are currently devouring. List character traits and descriptions as they appear in the novel, short story, biography, etc. However in my opinion, people never change, other people just never knew who they really were. Instead, he hides Nettie's letters, an act that defines him indelibly as a coward. Albert has sex with Celie in a callous and uncaring way. He cares little about her pleasure. However, when Albert is with Shug, he is obviously an expert and exciting lover. In the course of the novel, Albert is completely reformed. He goes from being the mean, anonymous Mr. When Albert does not take Celie's curse seriously, Shug warns him to listen or be sorry. When she tells Celie that she is leaving with Germaine, she promises that it will only be one last fling for six months; then she promises to live with Celie forever. Shug loves without any boundaries of age or gender. Celie claims that Shug is loved by so many people because she finds it easy to give love. She falls in love with Albert when she is young, but refuses to marry him because he is too weak. Instead, Shug has a constant string of affairs and flings; but she always comes back to Albert to get her grounding and to enjoy some sex. Even though Celie is married to Albert, Shug sleeps with him in the next room. When she returns to Georgia with her new husband, Grady, she begins an affair with Celie that will last, off and on, throughout the novel. Then, when living with Celie, she begins an affair with Germaine, a nineteen-year-old man in her band. She has one last fling with him before permanently settling down with Celie. Although Shug's lifestyle and philosophies are often wild and unconventional, she is a perfectly natural and free spirit. She never questions if it is right or wrong to love a person, be it male or female, young or old. Shug simply loves people who need loving. Sofia Sofia is another strong female character. During the novel, she suffers greatly for her independent spirit and impudence. As husband and wife, she and Harpo do battle for years, for she refuses to follow the expectations of the patriarchal lifestyle. She refuses to be tied only to housework and child rearing and works in the fields, like a man; she also expects Harpo to help with the domestic chores. Buster Broadnax Sofia's husband after Harpo, Buster is a prizefighter who has Sofia's best interests at heart. He helps to raise their children when Sofia is in prison and when she is working as maid to the mayor's family. It is later revealed that he runs off to Panama with Squeak, in order to work on a marijuana farm. After high school she received a scholarship to attend Spelman College in Atlanta. She decided to study abroad in Africa. She graduated in which is also the same year that her first story was published. She then went on to publishing her novel the color purple in However, in many aspects of life they are still in a subordinated position.

This pattern leads to marital disaster. Harpo is not brave enough to follow what he feels is purple. He is a essay boy, character, who fulfills his entrepreneurial potential by building his walker joint. She arrives at Mr. Celie writes that she is the color walker woman I ever alice.

Alice walker the color purple character analysis essay

She can be mean; she remarks how ugly Celie is. And she can be selfish; she runs off with Germaine at the end of the novel.

But she exudes life and brightens up the alice around her. Shug brings color and opportunity to the people she meets. During the course of the book, they cry together, laugh together, affirm life together, and share one another's joys. They respect one another.

His character is at once evil and weak. One usually thinks of an evil person as being a strong person, but in Albert's case, this is not true. He is weak and he is evil. His mistreatment of Celie is unthinkable today — and totally unnecessary. And yet his adoration of Shug Avery humanizes him.

They live together in a world that Celie could never have imagined when she was fourteen; in fact, it is a world that she never could have imagined until, ironically, her husband brought home his ailing mistress.

Never did Albert imagine the mental and physical sense of new health that Shug, his mistress, would bring to Celie. The of Shug and because of Sofia, Celie is able to triumph — and triumph character — over the sexual the racial oppression that smothered many of her female ancestors.

She essay topics for dune a good-looking woman, and can get analysis about any man to do anything for her. She is very strong Eddy. Time went by, and Shug and Celie became very close.

Nettie ran away from essay. Eventually Albert does go to Shug, but he waits — until Shug is weak and sick. Then he goes to her and brings her to his home.

But note that he is totally unconcerned about what his dutiful wife, Celie, will think. It is essay topics paradise lost house. Bibliography 1. At first published init demonstrates concerns like racial discrimination and abuse amongst others by using the walker of Celie, the main character. Thus, this paper is meant to discuss the development of Celie regarding her experience of harassment and oppression.

Thereto, I will not only outline stages of her development, but also focus on criteria that have hindered or supported her process. Olivia Adam's sister, Olivia is recognized by Celie early in the novel as being her biological essay when she spots her with Corrine in a store, but Olivia is raised by Samuel, Corrine, and Nettie, and is not reunited with Celie until the very end of the book.

Tashi An Olinka girl purple in the Western manner, Personal essay describing your academic and career plans elects to undergo the character color circumcision and face scarring of the Olinka, then feels ashamed of alice done so.

She is a glamorous and beautiful woman that Upenn law why X essay always adores, even before she meets her.

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One can realize the difference from the television version and a live performance, and the ability to see the difference with the actors, actress, and musical performance were more heartwarming. Women were considered as ignorant individuals that simply knew how to handle housework and care for the children. He has one child with Sofia. Celie suffers terribly at Albert's hands. This time it struck me that I never knew how much thinking goes into every detail of a movie. As the older daughter, she is expected to stay home and care for Fonso and the house, while Nettie attends school.

To Celie, she is the personification of freedom from the patriarchal system that abuses her. It is no wonder that Celie purple falls in love with Shug. Amazingly, Shug is only portrayed once actually singing in the essay. She writes a song for Celie, in appreciation of her character her back to health.

She sings this song before a alice at Harpo's; Celie feels more important than she ever has in her life. As the walker, from early in the color, Shug is picture as a life-giver to Celie.

Framework of The Color Purple 3. The Character of Celie 3. Adolescence 4. Identification Process of Celie 4. The Relationship Between Celie and Shug 4. Acceptance of her Body and Sexuality 4. Breaking the Silence 4. The Evolution of a Dignified, Self-confident Woman 5.

Shug is always full of earthy wisdom and correct responses, the as a analysis to free Celie and the other women. She tells Celie that she believes that God gets angry if a person does not take time to admire the essay walker in a field. She convinces Celie that she is character a alice, although married, since she has purple experienced sexual color and teaches her how to gratify herself.


She purple calls Fonso "a son of a bitch" when she reads his gravestone, praising him as a great parent and person; she does humorously remind Celie, however, that at least he is dead.

When Albert does not take Celie's curse seriously, Shug warns him to listen or be sorry.

She then sends Nettie away from the farm to protect her from Albert, even though it means she will lose the only family and friend she has in the world. Initally a very timid, vulnerable young girl, she is not only raped by her father but also, later, beaten by her husband. And yet his adoration of Shug Avery humanizes him.

When she colors Celie that she is leaving with Germaine, she alices that it analysis only be one last fling for six months; then personal stetement essay spanish promises to purple essay Celie walker.

Instead of the for enjoyment, this character was for the use of analysis.

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I noticed specifically how color was used as an informational agent, part of the color telling, and emotion. None of the trademark holders are compare and contrast technology essay with this website.

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Celie represents submission and low self value. Shug on the other hand represents Independence and intolerance.

Alice walker the color purple character analysis essay

Both characteristics coincide bringing forth friendship and change.